A compilation of 16 of our educational videos for toddlers and preschool children. Help your kids learn the alphabet, recognize shapes, learn colors and identify numbers with our fun learning videos.

Featuring high quality 3D animation and the ever helpful Lizzy the Dog, we’ll cover the key preschool topics in a fun and engaging way to get your little ones ready for kindergarten. This video incorporates a year and of half of hard work from me and my family and includes over 1 hour of original non-repeating educational content!

This compilation incorporates the following videos (skip to the times below for the start of each video):

1. Counting Monster Trucks (numbers 1-10): 0:20

2. Learn Colors With Lizzy: 2:37

3. The Alphabet Train (identify the letters): 5:11

4. Learn ABCs with Lizzy Part 1 (Learn words that start with A to E): 7:05

5. Shapes Train Island Adventure (Learn and identify shapes): 13:21

6. Learn ABCs with Lizzy Part 2 (Learn words that start with F to I): 20:46

7. Learn Numbers with Lizzy (learn numbers 1-10): 25:01

8. Numbers Train (learn 1-10 by counting objects plus the 10s to 100): 28:58

9. Learn ABCs with Lizzy Part 3 (Learn words that start with J to M): 32:37

10. Lizzy’s Story (watch Lizzy grow from a puppy to 7 years old): 36:32

11. Learn ABCs with Lizzy Part 4 (Learn words that start with N to Q): 40:23

12. Alphabet Gallery (identify the letters with a fun carnival game): 44:45

13. Learn ABCs with Lizzy Part 5 (Learn words that start with R to U): 49:20

14. Learn Colors for Kids (colored balls pop out of TV screen): 53:10

15. Learn ABCs with Lizzy Part 6 (Learn words that start with V to Z):54:33

Please leave us a like or a comment to let us know what you and your kids think of our videos. I hope your children enjoy it and that you find it a valuable teaching tool. Education is something we’re very passionate about and it warms my heart to hear from parents like you who share how their little ones laugh and learn along with our videos!


Copyright 2015, Michael Moore