You can download a high resolution copy of the Hubble Ultra Deep Field Image here:

Have you ever wondered: “how big is the universe?” NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope captured an image that has forever changed the way we look at the universe and that image is called the Hubble Deep Field image.

Join us as we explore this amazing series of images including the Ultra Deep Field Image and delve into why it’s considered by some to be the most important and mind-blowing photo ever taken!

Seeing this image for the first time was a huge catalyst for my love of science and astronomy as a kid and greatly influenced my philosophy of life while fuelling my imagination. I’m hoping it can do the same for kids of the next generation and for adults alike.

This is a bit of a departure from our usual educational preschool videos, but I’ll be continuing to fill in the gap with videos about math and more basic science topics so I hope you’ll come back soon to see what we have in store next.