Learn the English alphabet with Lizzy the Dog as she helps teach kids their ABCs in this cute educational video for toddlers and preschool children.

UPDATE: This updated version of our original ABC compilation includes improved letter sounds, some new voiceovers, much clearer chalkboard text (with all lower case letters for additional clarity), new music with more variety, and a few other fixes and improvements.

Lizzy interacts with objects and performs actions that start with each letter of the alphabet in addition to some cool 3D animation including a monster truck, train, NASA rocket launch, and much more to keep your children entertained while learning their ABCs!
In this video, we’ll learn about the following words:

Apple – a bright red apple: 0:49

Add – like 1+2=3: 01:14

Ambulance – on it’s way to an emergency: 01:27

Book – something to read when you learn your alphabet: 1:49

Bark – the sound a dog makes: 2:05

Ball – a fun toy: 2:19

Carrot – a tasty treat for Lizzy: 3:03

Canada – the country where Lizzy is from: 3:27

Catch – a game Lizzy plays with her ball: 3:45

Dinosaur – a Tyrannosaurus Rex toy: 4:10

Dog – that’s what Lizzy is: 4:30

Down – a trick Lizzy can perform: 4:46

Eat – when Lizzy gets hungry: 5:22

Empty – when Lizzy is done eating: 5:41

Earth – the planet we all live on: 5:52

Fire – very dangerous and very hot: 7:05

Fast – watch how fast Lizzy can go: 7:20

Gift – Lizzy opens her gift…what could it be?: 7:50

Ghost – a friendly ghost pays us a visit: 8:19

Helicopter – a radio-controlled helicopter toy: 8:52

High Five – Lizzy does the trick high five: 9:34

Ice – text made of ice falls and breaks apart: 9:56

Invisible – Lizzy magically turns invisible: 10:18

Jump – Lizzy shows us how high she can jump: 11:27

Jacket – Lizzy shows us her new pink jacket: 11:42

Keyboard – Lizzy can play Beethoven on the keyboard??: 12:15

Kite – up, up in the sky…or dragging across the floor in Lizzy’s case: 12:32

Love – we love Lizzy so much!: 13:03

Lick – Lizzy shows her love for us with licks on the cheek: 13:15

Magic – we magically turn Lizzy’s toy into a bunch of toys: 13:42

Monster Truck – a cool 3D monster truck jumps over Lizzy: 14:03

Night – time for a bed and a lullaby: 15:19

Nose – Lizzy has a really good nose: 15:40

Orange – yummy and good for you: 16:03

Octopus – can you spot the octopus in the ocean?: 16:33

Planets – how many planets can you name?: 17:05

Pool – watch Lizzy play in her pool: 17:20

Question – what happens when Lizzy pushes over the glass question mark?: 18:00

Queen – I hereby crown thee, Lizzy, Queen of the Alphabet!: 18:23

Rocket – an awesome NASA rocket takes off with a blast: 19:35

Rainbow – a pretty sparkly rainbow: 20:03

Soccer – go get the soccer ball, Lizzy!: 20:25

Spin – Lizzy performs the trick “spin”: 20:37

Train – watch out, here comes the Number Train: 21:10

Tennis – Lizzy doesn’t know how to play tennis, but she sure loves tennis balls: 21:33

Umbrella – here comes the rain – better get our umbrella: 21:57

UFO – Lizzy gets beamed up for her ride in the UFO: 22:11

Volcano – a mini active volcano bursts up through the floor: 23:21

Valley – a photo we took from our trip to New Zealand: 23:42

Web – what does Spider-man shoot?: 24:11

Water – Lizzy takes a drink of water: 24:25

X-ray – let’s see what’s in the box with our x-ray machine: 25:03

Xylophone – let’s play a tune on the xylophone: 25:14

Yo-yo – it’s tricky, but fun once you get the hang of it: 25:50

Yellow – the yo-yo is yellow: 26:11

Zoo – watch a clip from our friends’ song about the zoo: 26:40

Zebra – Lizzy gets a visit from a friendly Zebra: 27:32