Join Lizzy the Dog at the construction site to learn all about excavators and hydraulics. Our vehicle assembly series is designed to get curious kids excited about learning how things work and inspire an early love of the STEM fields.

The first section will focus on the main parts of an excavator and how they work as we assemble a big realistic excavator at the construction site in the city. Then we’ll learn the engineering behind the powerful system of hydraulics employed by excavators. After that, your kids will love watching our new “virtual Lizzy the Dog” as she hops inside the excavator to show us how an excavator works. She’ll show us what all of the controls do before we see the excavator in action as it digs up some big heavy rocks for the dump truck to carry away.

Now that Lizzy is over 12 years old, she’ll be retiring from “show business,” but I hope to continue her legacy of bringing joy and education to children around the world with our new animated Lizzy character. She’s not quite as cute as the real thing, but my new friend Elmer Frihdson Ona and I worked hard for months to lovingly recreate Lizzy in digital form, so you’ll be seeing more of her in future videos. Check out Elmer’s animation work on UpWork here: Let me know what you and your kids think of the new character. With some practice, I hope to get better at animating her more organically so she’ll be improving over time.

This video continues what I hope will be many more videos in the STEM fields. As our original “Brainiacs” outgrow our preschool topics, we hope to continue their education and inspire a lasting wonder of the natural world, science and technology.