Your kids will love learning colors with our fun Color Train adventure video for toddlers. Hop aboard the color train as it rides through Colourtown loaded with lots of fun vehicles and objects including:

– A red fire truck with red flashing lights
– An animated orange backhoe (or excavator)
– A yellow school bus
– A pink birthday cake with sparklers
– Green trees
– A big blue hot air balloon
– And a purple airplane

Colours can be difficult for children to learn since they describe the properties of an object rather than an object itself. Experts say that using the colour words in different contexts within the sentence in addition to repetition really helps your kids learn the concept of colours. For example: “This is a red fire truck. The fire truck is red.” So I made sure to say each colour in both contexts and we also review the colours at the end for a little interactive quiz.

I hope you and your kids enjoy my video and I hope it helps them learn their colours in a fun way. 🙂