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Brain Candy TV – Complete Season 1

The complete first season of Brain Candy TV (25 episodes). Learn about colors, shapes, numbers, vehicles and lots more. Runtime: 2hrs 8mins. Available in 1080p.

Brain Candy TV – Complete Season 2

The complete second season of Brain Candy TV (10 episodes including 28min episode of Learn ABCs with Lizzy). Featuring lots of action-packed monster truck fun and the cute antics of Lizzy the Dog, we’ll learn our ABCs, colors, and even some math and science. Runtime: 1hr 20mins. Available in 1080p.

Brain Candy TV – Complete Season 3

The complete third season of Brain Candy TV (10 episodes). In addition to our preschool topics, Season 3 also focuses on some more advanced STEM topics as we explore how some of children’s favorite vehicles work as well as dinosaurs. Runtime: 1hr 23mins. Available in 4K.

Complete your collection with episodes from Season 4:

Ep 01: Learn About Patterns

Using various cars, trucks and trains, we’ll learn how to recognize, copy and extend different types of patterns. Runtime: 10:27. Available in 4K.

Ep 02: Learn About Dinosaurs Part 2

Let’s explore the awesome world of paleontology as we learn about how fossils are formed, as well as some cool facts about dinosaurs like Deinonychus and Velociraptor. We’ll also learn about Quetzalcoatlus, the largest flying creature in history, as we discuss the evolution of the last remaining dinosaurs and find out which dinosaurs are still alive today! Runtime: 8:10. Available in 4K.

Ep 03: Mega Truck Alphabet – Letter E

Let’s learn our alphabet as we explore the city to look for fun things that start with the letter E. We’ll find an excavator, an eagle, a big monster truck engine, and more. Lizzy also helps rescue Edward the elephant, who is lost in the city, with her cool electric truck! Runtime: 6:46. Available in 4K.

Ep 04: Weather and the States of Matter

Join Lizzy the Dog in her awesome new rocket-powered Weather Explorer Truck as we learn about rain, snow, thunderstorms, tornados, and other cool weather phenomena. We’ll also learn about the states of matter, atoms, the water cycle, and lots more interesting weather science. Runtime: 15:16. Available in 4K.

Other Popular Brain Candy TV Episodes:

(all episodes below are included in the season compilations above)

Counting Monster Trucks 1

Learn to count from 1 to 10 with cool monster trucks as they drive through the city…plus a fun recap with adorable Lizzy the Dog!  Runtime: 2:29

Counting Monster Trucks 2

Learn to count from 1 to 20 with awesome stunt-jumping monster trucks as they smash through colourful blocks!  Runtime: 9:33

Counting Monster Trucks Part 3

Learn to count from 1 to 1000 in this fun animated monster truck video for kids set in a cool toy factory.  Runtime: 8:39

Learning About Dump Trucks

Watch as we assemble a 3D ultra class haul truck (a super big and cool dump truck) then see it in action in the city and in the mining site!  Runtime: 5:54

Learn Colors with Dump Trucks Part 1

Your kids will love learning their colors with this fun educational video featuring colorful dump trucks transporting loads of fruits and vegetables: Runtime: 6:00

Learn Colors with Dump Trucks Part 2

Learn even more colors as our new dump trucks transport some fun toys from the toy factory to the toy stores across town: Runtime: 6:23

Color Train

Hop aboard the color train as it rides through Colourtown loaded with lots of fun vehicles and objects!: Runtime: 3:24

Learn About Fire Trucks

Watch as we assemble a 3D fire truck and learn about its various parts then see it in action as it responds to a fire rescue, complete with siren and flashing lights! Runtime: 2:53

Learning Vehicles Part 1

Learn about the names and sounds of various vehicles for children, including trucks, cars, emergency vehicles and construction vehicles in this fun 3D cartoon for kids.  Runtime: 2:45

Learn Numbers with Lizzy v2

Download video: Learn Numbers with Lizzy v2
Learn the numbers from 1-10 as we watch Lizzy the Dog find each number from a selection of colorful number blocks.  That’s one smart pup!  Runtime: 4:15

Mega Truck Alphabet Part 1 | Letter A

Learn about the letter A in the first installment of our new series “Mega Truck Alphabet!”  Using fun vehicles like dump trucks and monster trucks, we’ll learn about the lower case and capital A and its usage in the words “apple, ambulance, Abraham (Lincoln) and America.” Runtime: 3:29

Learn Colors with Tayla

Let’s learn our colors with some cool dump trucks and our special guest: Tayla from the popular YouTube channel “Tea Time with Tayla”!  Your kids will love learning their colors with this fun educational video featuring colorful dump trucks transporting loads of fruits and vegetables and the always-entertaining Tayla Bananas! Runtime: 5:39

Mega Truck Alphabet Part 2 | Letter B

Take a trip to the beach with us to learn about the letter B with a big bus, Bob the bumble bee and more.  This video for preschool children will focus on the capital and lower case letter “b” using the words beach, bumble, bee, buzz, Bob, buzz, bus, ball and box.  The Vehicles featured in this video include a monster truck and a big city bus. Runtime: 3:07

Learn Math for Kids | Adding

Learn about adding with this super fun educational 3D math cartoon for kids featuring stunt-jumping monster trucks and colorful buses! We’ll learn two different ways to visualize simple math problems for grade 1 and kindergarten students while we add up buses for the super cool monster trucks to jump. Runtime: 4:57

Learn Math for Kids | Subtracting

Learn about subtracting with this super fun educational 3D math cartoon for kids featuring stunt-jumping monster trucks and colorful buses. We’ll learn two different ways to visualize simple math problems for grade 1 and kindergarten students while we subtract buses for the super cool monster trucks to jump over. Runtime: 5:20

Math for Kids | Vehicle Bowling

Learning math has never been so much fun! In this fun educational video for kids, we’ll learn about adding and subtracting with some super fun vehicles as they smash through giant bowling pins in the city. Featuring a tiny Smart Car, a shiny yellow bulldozer, a cool monster truck, a fire truck with flashing lights and a giant dump truck. We’ll use adding as a quick way to count objects and we’ll use subtracting to figure out which vehicle knocks down the most bowling pins. We’ll also learn about sizes – small, medium and large.
Runtime: 5:28

Color Mixing with Monster Trucks-Pt 1

Learn Color Mixing Part 1

Get your kids ready for art class as we learn about color mixing with our awesome stunt-jumping monster trucks. Our special monster trucks will mix their paint colors as they crash together and perform epic stunts. In part one, we’ll learn about primary colors and secondary colors and in the next installment, we’ll learn about tertiary colors, tints and shades.
Runtime: 5:14

Color Mixing with Monster Trucks-Pt 2

Learn Color Mixing Part 2

In part 2 of our color-mixing series, we’ll use our awesome stunt-jumping monster trucks to learn more about colors and color mixing, including how to make tertiary colors by combining primary and secondary colors, as well as how to make tints and shades using white and black.
Runtime: 5:44

How do Airplanes Work?

How do Airplanes Work?

Let’s join Captain Lizzy on a fun adventure where we’ll learn about the different parts of an airplane and how they work together to make it fly up in the sky. We’ll learn about the main parts of an airplane as we assemble a big airliner, then Captain Lizzy will show us around the flight deck before learning the basic physics and engineering of how the engines and wings work.
Runtime: 7:50

Thoughts from Our “Brainiacs”

Words can’t describe!!

I can’t ever put into words how amazing Brain Candy TV has been for my toddler. These shows have taught him so much from before he was even 1 years old. 10 stars!
Mrs. Bossy

“I specialize in infant and toddler cognitive development and Brain Candy TV is one of the few programs I’ve encouraged both in my own home and in my practice. As a parent I’ve seen firsthand the benefit of these programs in my own children. My children have loved the bright colors, the slower pace which means they can actively follow along and engage and the content. Even now my oldest, an avid reader, enjoys watching these programs occasionally with my youngest.”


My 2 year old is ready to read thanks to this show! This show is simply AMAZING!!!! My 2yr 3mth old son knows all of his letters both upper and lowercase and in any order! He knows his numbers up to 10 in any order counts by 10 and knows his planets! My family is so impressed by him and my friends try to give me credit for how smart he is, but then I tell them my secret! This show!  He is more than ready for kindergarten in 3 years! Your attention to detail is phenomenal as well and the creativity A++++ … Your hard work has brought out a love for learning in my son!”

Ashlyn P.

“My 2-year-old loves this show! . He is in speech therapy and this show has helped him more than that has. I love it and more importantly he loves it. Lizzy the dog makes him laugh, he gets excited when he sees the monster trucks and don’t even ask how many times we rewatch the dump trucks! Thank you to whoever created this show, it’s amazing!”

Sara C.

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