Learn the English alphabet with Lizzy the Dog as she helps teach kids their ABCs from J to M in this cute educational video.

You can watch part 1 of this series here:

Watch part 2 of this series here:

Lizzy interacts with objects and performs actions that start with each letter in addition to some cool 3D animation including an awesome 3D monster truck as well as a magic trick to keep your children entertained while learning their ABCs! She even plays a song on the keyboard!

In this video, we’ll learn about the following words: Jump, Jacket, Keyboard, Kite, Love, Lick, Magic and Monster truck.

Please leave us a like or a comment to let us know what you think of the video. Lizzy and I worked really hard on this one to make it extra fun and educational so I hope your little ones like it! 🙂

Check back soon to catch Part 4 covering the letters N to Q.

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This video is transcribed for the hearing impaired and for translation into any language – perfect for learning English and for ESL students.