Teach your preschool kids and toddlers even more colors with part 2 of our “Let’s Learn Our Colors” series. Jump to 01:00 for the review. Jump to 01:19 to see Lizzy on the TV and 01:52 for a funny outtake! Be sure to watch in 1080p HD for the best quality.

In this video, we teach about the colours white, grey, black, pink, brown and cyan. You may notice that I go back and forth between “colors” and “colours” – that’s because I’m Canadian and we spell it with the “u” but most people in the USA will search for “colors” without the “u.”

If you want to see more of Lizzy, our next video will feature “Lizzy’s Story” which will feature clips of her from a puppy to 7 years old. I hope you and your kids will enjoy getting to know her better and watch her do all kinds of funny stuff. I’m almost done with the editing so it should be out in less than a week!

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