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Creative and entertaining educational videos for children!

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Passionate About Education

Our mission at Brain Candy TV is to give your child a jump-start on their education and giving them the knowledge and confidence they need to succeed in school and in life.


Creativity inspires learning.  We try to make our videos unique in an engaging way to keep the active minds of children excited to learn.

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Science & Nature

Stay tuned for future videos covering more advanced topics such as science and math! As your child matures, so will our new content.

Our Story

Brain Candy TV started out as a fun creative outlet for me to experiment with video production and 3D animation and over the past few years has turned into my greatest passion in life.  I hope you and your kids enjoy our videos half as much as I’ve enjoyed making them and I hope you’ll follow along on our journey of creating a valuable educational resource for kids around the world!

  • Passion for Education 100%
  • Video production experience 60%
  • Percentage of videos with a cute dog 73%
  • How excited I am about our many upcoming projects 100%

Our Team



Creator, Animator, Narrator

Hi I’m Michael, the creator of Brain Candy TV and also your narrator.  I’m a former wedding & portrait photographer with a background in multimedia design, and as of January 2016, I’m now a full-time video producer with my Brain Candy TV brand.  I intend to make this project my legacy so I put everything I have into making my videos as entertaining and educational as possible, in an effort to have a valuable impact on the world and give your kids the knowledge and confidence needed to succeed in school and in life.

Lizzy the Dog

Lizzy the Dog

Canine Educator, Cuteness Enhancer

Lizzy is an 11 year-old cockapoo who loves kids and making videos.  Well, she loves all of the ball playing and treats she gets in between takes anyway. 😉  I hope your kids enjoy watching her as she helps them learn their fundamentals.  Be sure to check out our video “Lizzy’s Story” to learn more about her.